Published: August 18, 2022

FREE Self Defense & Jiu Jitsu Workshop Series

8-week safety and self-defense workshop series. No experience is necessary. All levels teens 15 + & adults, Men & Women are welcome.

Back by popular demand!

EDJ SCHOOL OF JIU JITSU IN CORONA is proud to bring again another 8-Week Self-Defense Workshop Series FREE for the community.

Learning what our minds, voices, and bodies can do, realizing that we are worth defending, and giving ourselves permission to stay safe is a powerfully transformative experience.

Learn how to protect yourself in a safe, supportive and empowered environment!

  • Learn effective physical techniques addressing the most common attack situations: being pushed or pulled, punched, cornered, grabbed by the wrist, choked, or pinned to the ground.
  • Rather than relying on strength, you will learn principles of leverage, timing and energy efficiency to defend against a stronger assailant.
  • Regardless of your age, size, strength or physical ability, you can learn the techniques of BJJ & self-defense while gaining an increased sense of personal confidence and empowerment.

Classes are designed to teach a specific self-defense technique with skills building over the 8 weeks.

Class: You will participate in a 60-min Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class with stretches, warm-ups, and drills about the technique of the day.

WORKSHOP DATES: [We meet every Tuesday at 8:00 pm]

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210 Dupont st. Corona, CA. 92879


What to Wear Comfortable T-shirts, gym shorts and sweat pants are fine. You can wear a gi or uniform from another martial art. Do NOT wear anything with extra pockets, belt loops, or baggy fabric. These are dangerous since fingers and toes can get caught in them. Baggy cargo shorts are a common example of what not to wear.

Hygiene Make sure your finger and toenails are well-groomed. If you have long hair, you’ll want to put it up in a ponytail or bun during class. You should also remove any piercings to prevent injuries.



**Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled class time and someone and the front desk will welcome you.

**We encourage you to attend all 8 classes to get the best out of the series.

Published: August 18, 2022

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